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Session scenarios

MeetingSphere™ improves and accelerates all kinds of meetings, workshops or events with interactive tools and automatic documentation. These use cases are categorized in four scenarios:

Online sessions with same time participation
enable participants to interact and work jointly from different locations. MeetingSphere enables online meetings and workshops with electronic versions of the tools familiar from face-to-face workshops: Brainstorm, Rating, structured Discussion, Presentation, Action planning and tracking.

Online sessions with anytime participation
are Internet (or Intranet) sessions to which participants contribute within a given time frame but in their own time. Anytime sessions reduce the hassles of coordination and reduce stress. They are often used in the preperation or the aftermath of a same time session or face-to-face meeting.

Face-to-face meetings, workshops and events
Are characterized by participants sharing the same room and, typically, a big screen. Use of MeetingSphere in such settings enables unprecedented levels of participant engagement and yields superior results. Key advantages of MeetingSphere over traditional paper-based facilitation are interactivity, anonymity, ratings with real-time analysis, the elimination of changeover times and the immediate availability of results by automatic documentation.

Hybrid sessions
With MeetingSphere, new meeting ("session") formats become possible that combine the scenarios given above.