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Overview over the MeetingSphere portal

The MeetingSphere™ portal is only accessible by users who can authenticate with their user name and password. For this, you must have created them in the user data base.

The portal organizes information in a set of views:

  Tab "Invitations" (only for participants)

Here users find sessions they have been invited to as participants.

  Tab "My Sessions"

This view lists all sessions owned and controlled by the Host (you). New sessions are created in this tab.

  Tab "Co-Host"

This view lists all session the Host has been given access to in the role of Co-Host.


You can explore and manage Templates i.e. ready-made agendas by a separate set of "tabs".

  User profile

Users can access their user profile via the toolbar.


Users can change their password via the toolbar.

  MeetingSphere administration

You can open MeetingSphere administration via the toolbar.